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carm 11

 carm show

Dragonfly HFX Carmen -dob 5/28/09

Dam-Dragonfly IH Electra 2010 LA 89

Sire-GCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 2007/2009 LA 88

2014 1x1st, 1x3rd

4-09 137 330 BF 14 PRO 15(dried off)

2014 LA EEV+ 88

2013 2x2nd, 1x3rd, 1x5th

2013 LA VEVV 88

This doe's dam and sire were absolutely stunning and Carmen has turned out to be the foundation doe I have been looking for. She herself is gorgeous and she is passing on  her wonderful qualities to her off spring. I  now have 4 of her does retained in my herd.  Carmen is going to be my forever goat. I worked so hard to get her to like and trust me I couldn't possibly send her anywhere else!




AR Sunnydale Farm J Electra-Like 1*M dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen
2015 1x2nd,1x3rd
2014 1x1st, 2x2,1x3
2-07 193 520 30 26 (dried off)
2014 VEEE 90
2013 1x1st,1x3, 1x4
2013 LA V+VV 85
2012 1x1st
The longer I have this doe the more I like her. She has a beautiful top line and I can't wait to show her as a third freshener.
hope la

 hope 13

AR Sunnydale Farm J Hope 1*M dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen
2015 1x1st,BOB & BIS, 1x4th
2014 1x1st, 1x3rd
2-07 188 680 37 28(dried off}
2014 LA VEVV 89
2013 3x1st, 2x2nd, 1x3rd
2013 LA V+EV 86
2012 1xRGCH

Really promising first freshener, like the capacity  and ease of milking. Hope blessed me with a doe kid I am retaining. Her second freshening udder is terrific, lots of capacity.
dand dan udud Sunnydale Farm H Dandelion dob-3/15/13

Sire: Fairlea Hector

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen
2015 1x2nd,1x4th
2014 3x1st,1x2
1-00 114 199 4.5%/9 3.5%/7(dried off)
2014 LA +V+V 84
2o13 2x1st, Jr. GCH, 1x2nd
Flashy doe resembles her dam. Dandy is looking very elegant and dairy. Pleased with her FF udder and show results so drying her off to give her some time to mature and gain some body capacity.

Sunnydale Farm ZM Buttercup dob-3/12/14
Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen
Sire:  Algedi  Farm Zen Moon
2015 1x1st,1x2nd
LA 2014 +++=+

Flashy doe kid from my foundation doe, Carmen. Repeat breeding that produced the udder to the left.
bird clip 

Sunnydale Farm MTB  Birdie dob- 3/20/14

Sire: Phoenix Rising Mine That Bird

Dam: Sunnydale Farm J Hope

2014 1x1st
LA 2014 EcEcV=Ec
Really outstanding udders behind this gal! Grand dam is CH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird. Lovely little doe with a beautiful top line, width and escutcheon arch, just what I was hoping for.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising Farm.