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 carm showca

Dragonfly HFX Carmen -dob 5/28/09 1*M

Dam-Dragonfly IH Electra 2010 LA 89

Sire-GCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 2007/2009 LA

2017 1x1st

2016 1x RSCH/Best Udder 4x1x,4x2

2015 LA VVVE 89

2015 3x1st

2014 1x1st, 1x3rd

4-09 137 330 BF 14 PRO 15(dried off)

2014 LA EEV+ 88

2013 2x2nd, 1x3rd, 1x5th

2013 LA VEVV 88

This doe's dam and sire were absolutely stunning and Carmen has turned out to be the foundation doe I have been looking for. She herself is gorgeous and she is passing on  her wonderful qualities to her off spring. I  now have 4 of her does retained in my herd.  Carmen is going to be my forever goat. I worked so hard to get her to like and trust me I couldn't possibly send her anywhere else!


el a


SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Electra-Like AR 2*M dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen

ADGA Nationals 17 of 33
2015 LA EVEE 90
 2015 1x1st, 1x Grand 1xReserve Grand 3x2nd,1x3rd 1xBest Udder
2014 1x1st, 2x2,1x3
2-07 193 520 30 26 (dried off)
2014 VEEE 90
2013 1x1st,1x3, 1x4
2013 LA V+VV 85
2012 1x1st
The longer I have this doe the more I like her. She has a beautiful top line and a mammary that gets better with each freshening. Fourth freshening udder is fabulous and Electra picked up her first championship leg!
hope la

 hope 13

 SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope AR 2*M dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmem

ADGA Nationals 15 of 33
2015  LA VEEE 91
2015 x1st,3xGrand,BOB & BIS, 1x4th,2xBest Udder
2014 1x1st, 1x3rd
2-07 188 680 37 28(dried off}
2014 LA VEVV 89
2013 3x1st, 2x2nd, 1x3rd
2013 LA V+EV 86
2012 1xRGCH

Hope easily finished her championship as a third freshener, even got a BIS. Super proud of this goat!
dan a dan udduddalt CH Sunnydale Farm H Dandelion dob-3/15/13

Sire: Fairlea Hector

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen

ADGA Nationals 17 0f 48
3x1st, 3x Grand 1x Reserve
2015 LA VEVV 87
2015 3x2nd,2x3rd, x4th
2014 3x1st,1x2
1-00 114 199 4.5%/9 3.5%/7(dried off)
2014 LA +V+V 84
2o13 2x1st, Jr. GCH, 1x2nd
Flashy doe resembles her dam. Dandy is looking very elegant and dairy. Doing well as a second freshener, consistently placing near the top of the classes.
bc 2

ltud bcbc3
GCH Sunnydale Farm ZM Buttercup dob-3/12/14 2*M

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen

Sire:  Algedi  Farm Zen Moon

2017 5x1st,3xRSCH, 2xGCH/BOB
ADGA Nationals 12 of 38
5x1, 1xGCH,3xRSCH,2x2
LA 2015 +V++ 82
2015  4x1st, 1x2nd
LA 2014 +++=+

This is a repeat breeding that produced Sunnydale Farm ZM Coriander that I lost to cancer. Buttercup is really catching the eye of the judges .Love her third freshening udder and 4.6 pounds on 2017 One Day milk test.

gigin 2
Sunnydale Farm ZM Ginger dob- 2/21/15 3*M

Sire: Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon

Dam:SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope VEEE91

2017 5x1st,1xGrand,1xRSCH,5x4th
2016 2x1st,3x4?
LA 2015 ++V=+
2015 2x1st

Ginger has a nice first freshening udder and she successfully delivered quads. This doe has a bright future! 2017 One Day milk test 5.7!
harmo har u Swallow Hill Harmonious Melody-

Dam: Kyeema Ridge Harmony

Sire: Zanzabeez BLU Flash Flood

ho hol ud Sunnydale Farm I Hollie-

Dam: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope
Sire: Castle Rock Iceberg

2017 8x1st/1xRSCH,1x3
2016 1x1, 1xGCH, 2x2

Striking dark buckskin out of my best doe and my new herd sire! This one really catches your eye.