For Sale

 2018 tentative kidding schedule is posted let me know if something interests you!


dido didjkjoy udpe Dragonfly SOL Jump for Joy- 6/18/15

Dam: Dragonfly B Dido  LA VVEE 89

Sire:  Algedi Farm MH Solaris

2017 1x3

2016 2x1,2x2,1x3

Working on having most of my animals bearing my herd name and retained 4 doe kids this year so someone has to go.... Lovely FF udder, easy kidding and a sweet personality. This is a repeat breeding that produced the lovely Dragonfly SOL Juno, LA V+VV 88(FF).
Photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl
i  Sunnydale Farm  I June Bug-  2/22/17
Dam: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope
Sire: Castle Rock Iceberg

2017-middle of classes

Beautiful blue eyed doe!
Sunnydale Farm U Harrison dob-4/20/16

Sire- Woodbridge Farm Uncas

Dam- SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Electra-Like LA 90
Sold $300.
Used a well bred outside buck to compliment some lines I am working with. Thanks to Sisters Three for letting me use him. This boy has nice conformation and is cute as can be! Will be a down sizer buck.Experimenting with my own bred bucks the next few years and I bred Harrison to the 2 does I wanted to so he is offered for sale.