Kidding Schedule

Dam Sire Due Comments Does Buck/Wether
Tentative 2018   *Confirmed bred by ultrasound      
AR Lynnhaven BDH Sumiko J-Haven's P Livin'W/Adoration $400. $300./NA
SGCH Farm J Electra-Like Dragonfly P Hercules polled possible   $600. $450./$150.
CH Sunnydale Farm H Dandelion Castle Rock Iceberg blue eyes possible   $600. $350./$150.
Dragonfly HFX Carmen AI Atwood Acres Jefferson live Algedi Farm Zen Moon
$500. $400./$150.
Sunnydale Farm M Brie J-Haven's P Livin'W/Adoration     $400. $300.
SGCH  Lynnhaven KT Cupid's Kiss-Elite doe J-Haven's P Livin'W/Adoration     $750. $500.
Leynnhaven PS Onceuponathyme J-Haven's P Livin'W/Adoration        
SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon     $650. $500./$150.
Sunnydale Farm ZM Ginger Castle Rock Iceberg blue eyes posible
$500. $300.//$150.
Sunnydale Farm ZM Buttercup Castle Rock Iceberg blue eyes possible   $600. $400./$150.
Lucky*Star 's ME Halee J-Haven's P Livin'W/Adoration     $300. $250.
Sunnydale Farm I Hollie Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon     $450. NA/$150.
Sunnydale Farm IB Juliet Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon blue eyes possible   $400. NA/$150.
2018 Breeder may retain first doe kid from any of the above breedings*. If you are interested in any of the above breedings I will put you down as interested. No deposits are needed until after the kids are born and you have decided to purchase one. At that time a $50. deposit will hold a wether and $100. a buck, doe or adult. These deposits are not refundable, please make checks payable to Lorene Toth or you can use PayPal. Thanks!