Lucky Star Farm Connie

Connie is here in Connecticut to watch over the goats of Sunnydale Farm! My new mom thinks I am the cutest of the litter, and who am I to argue....
kis Heath  SGCH Lynnhaven KT Cupid's Kiss 10*M dob- 2/22/11

ADGA 2014, 2015 & 2016 Elite Doe

Dam:SGCH Lynnhaven NYM French Cupid LA EEEE 92

Sire: Kastdemur's Kiss This EVE 90

2017 1xBOB
2016 1xBOB
2015 LA EEEE 91
 kiss rear 4-00 251 2960 90 93(dried off)
2014 1xBIS, 2x1st, 2xGCH/3BOB, 1x2nd
2014 LA EEEE 91
3-o2 236 2,754 105 89 (dried off)
2013 7x1st, 1xGCH/BOB, 2xRGCH, 2x2nd 1x3rd
2013 LA VEVV 87
I surprised myself and came home from ADGA Nationals with this incredibly well bred and sweet Lamancha doe kid from the Colorama Sale. It will be fun to work with a standard sized goat again, as years ago I had Toggs. Thanks Lynn! Kissy had a great 2013 show season and even picked up her first leg and BOB, over 4 Champion Challengers! 2014 show season started off with Kissy picking up her 2nd championship leg! At the New Boston, NH show Kissy picked up her third leg.... now look out Champion Challenge classes!!!!
sum17  AR Lynnhaven BDH Sumiko 1*M- 3/6/12

Dam: Lynnhaven KT Sayori
2013 LA EVEE 90

Sire: Kastdemur's Burningdownthehouse
sud 2014 2x1st, 1x2,2x3
2-01 268 1,929 72 68 (dried off)
2014 LA VVVV 86
Fabulous new addition to my herd. Very well put together yearling, she really grabs your eye with her shiny black coat and lovely head and top line. Thanks Ellen and Lynn for steering me towards her! Sumiko freshened with a high strong mammary system, very easy to milk and every judge has commented that you won't see a rear udder higher than this one.... retained her doe kid Brie.
see sun Autumn-Acres Seeing Believing-dob 2/21/15

Dam-Autumn-Acres Mia's Mirage

Sire: Kastdemur's  Cutting Edge

LA 2017 82

Promising doe I picked up in August. She is has a fabulous pedigree, is very tall, beautiful and just needs to fill in her frame. Calling her Sunny!
br a bru Sunnydale Farm M Brie- dob 3/7/15 2*M

Dam- SG Lynnhaven BDH Sumiko

Sire-Lynnhaven WAA French Martini

LA2017 VVVV 88
2017 4x1st, 2xRSCH,3x3
2016 ADGA Nationals 3rd place Sr. Yearling!!!!
2016 2x1st, 2xGrand and 2x Best in Show
br e Really excited about this doe she is really stunning! Kind of exciting when your own breeding takes your breath away! Brie is maturing nicely, looking forward to showing her as a dry yearling. Her first show went very well...
2016 1x1st, Grand and Best in Show
th  Lynnhaven PS Once Upon a Thyme-dob 3/19/16

Dam: CH Lynnhaven KT Onceisneverenough LA EEEE92

Sire:Kastdemur's Perfect Storm

2017 4x1,4xRSCH,3x2

Sunnydale Farm Martini's Legacy dob-4/14/17

Sire- Lynnhaven WAA French Martini

Dam- Jen-Mae-Ka Kid's Kay-Cee-K

2017 1x1,Grand/BJDIS,1x2,1x6,1x9

Sunnydale Farm M Justine dob-4/29/17

Sire- Lynnhaven WAA French Martini

Dam- Lucky*Star's ME Halle
2017 1x1, 1x2,1x3
kami Doe K2 Sunnydale Farm MK Kami Kiss-2/4/18

Dam: SGCH Lynnhaven KT Cupid's Kiss

Sire: Lynnhaven KT Malakula Kiss
kala Doe K1 Sunnydale Farm MK Kalani Kiss-2/4/18

Dam: SGCH Lynnhaven KT Cupid's Kiss

Sire: Lynnhaven KT Malakula Kiss