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carm 11

Dragonfly HFX Carmen -dob 5/28/09

Dam-Dragonfly IH Electra 2010 LA 89

Sire-GCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 2007/2009 LA 88

ca 4  This doe's dam and sire were absolutely stunning and Carmen has turned out to be the foundation doe I have been looking for. She herself is gorgeous and she is passing on  her wonderful qualities to her off spring. I  now have 4 of her does retained in my herd.  Her 4th freshening udder is showing marked increase in capacity. Can't wait until the first show in May!
Sunnydale Farm J Electra-Like dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen
Electra's first freshening udder is very promising, with excellent teat placement.  I am so pleased with this goat I  will be repeating this breeding in the future!
hope tops h ud Sunnydale Farm J Hope dob- 7/30/11

Sire:  Atwood Acres FT Jefferson

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Carmen

 2012 1xRGCH
Stunning doe, dam has a fabulous third freshening udder. Hope freshened with a lovely udder, picture is with her kids off her for a few hours. Can't wait to see it with 12 hours of milk!
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Mead clear 

Rosasharn TL Meadow Sweet-dob 8/11/07-8/2/11

Dam-Rosasharn J Meadow Mouse

Sire-ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L +*SE

LA 2011 VVV+ 86

LA 2009 VV+V86

It is with a heavy heart that I put Meadow on a reference page. This was my favorite goat, hands down, she was beautiful and soulful. We spent her last day together under the trees, her body making contact with mine, her head in my lap. The vet came twice but was baffled and felt I had done everything I could for her. I feel lucky for the time I had with her.


Old Mountain Farm Sirocco  -dob 4/28/09

Dam-NC PromisdLand SIA Zephyr 2011 LA 90

Sire-Old Mountain Farm Stag 2008 LA 88

LA 2011 VVEV 87

LA 2010 V+V FS Very Good

  I was visiting my friend Joanne and I saw this doe by the fence, driving home I couldn't get her out of my mind so I asked if I could buy her and happily, for me, Joanne agreed. This doe has beautiful general appearance, a lovely top line, a terrific rump and a sweet personality! She answers to the name House Goat, as she spent a lot of time in Joanne's house and the name stuck! This gal is a milker! Easily milking over 5+ pounds a day as a second freshener.